Hand Gaussmeter HGM09s

The handheld gaussmeter HGM09s is used to measure magnetic DC and AC fields. The measurands are flux density in Tesla or Gauss and the field strength in Amps per meter.

The HGM09s is supplied with rechargeable batteries and it is very handy to use as a portable device.

For stationary use it is equipped with a power supply unit and a USB cable (included in delivery) acting as additional battery charger.

However, it has a high measuring accuracy with several built-in features.



The HGM09s is standardly equipped with a transversal probe.

An axial probe and a thin transversal probe for the measurement inside small gaps are also available. All probes are equipped with EEPROMs for identification, parametrization and linearization.

The measuring range is up to 4.5Tesla for the flux density and 3800kA/m for the field strength respectively. The resolution is down to 1µT or 1A/m.