Earn more money with your magnetic roll separator

Magnetic roll separators are widely used in the mineral processing industry. Typically as a final stage, they are the quality determining equipment.

Most separators installed operate since years in a reliable manner and one got used to it.

During 20 years of experience in the field of dry magnetic separation – as operator, in process development of high purity minerals and as developer of magnetic roll separators – we did learn, that most magnetic roll separator are not operating at an optimum level. There often is a lot of options to

  • improve recovery
  • improve chemical composition of the final product
  • reduce maintenance cost

Dr. Jakobs GmbH has developed a tool in order to optimize your magnetic roll separator: lower your maintanance cost and increased product quality and recovery. The outcome is easy to calculate.

Of course we also are offering training sessions for your stuff to guarantee optimum operation.

Contact us – we will use our experience and competence for your benefit!


High purity quartz (HPQ) – silica sand – feldspar – zircon silica – and a lot of other minerals

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