Test your Magnet Systems in order to achive your specifications!

In our days the routine inspection of many things is obligatory and part of daily routines. Unfortunately - in the field of magnetic separation it is obvious, that once a system installed never will be checked again. Our 20 years experience in that field shows, that often magnetic separation systems are loosing magnetic field strength with time resulting in worse results. Reason often are wrongly chosen magnet qualities - once overheated (f.ex. magnetic roll separators following a dryer), the magnetic field strength reduces irreversible.

In order to avoid such surprises Dr. Jakobs GmbH will assist you in order to go through your magnet systems and check. Alternatively we can offer you a hand gaussmeter, which we are using since long time.

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PS: Dr. Jakobs GmbH also will deliver spare rolls for your magnetic roll separators according your specification!


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